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Aras Machine 
Aras Machine was founded in 1978 under the management of Arsen Avedian and started its activity in the field of production of all kinds of industrial machines from the same date, and from 1985 it exclusively limited its production to plastic injection machines in different models, which continues this trend. and in order to meet the satisfaction and demands of customers along with modern technology, it has upgraded the quality of its products and in order to increase it, it has used the Iran ISO 9001 standard and has adopted the following principles to achieve this important goal.

Continuous training of employees in order to develop quality culture, upgrade technical knowledge, increase productivity and quality of manufactured products.

- Performing every activity correctly from the beginning according to what has been approved.

- Endless, continuous and conscientious efforts towards the implementation of correct tasks and the individual participation of employees on the way to the success of Aras Machine, the management of Aras Machine while committing to the implementation of the above in order to continuously improve the quality and satisfaction of customers, believe that the methods should be used And work instructions at the company level have become a universal habit and should be implemented by all personnel of this company.

In order to provide customer satisfaction and serve the country's plastic industries, Aras Machine has succeeded in obtaining the following positions in line with modern technology with the aim of improving quality:

Winning the second place in the Armenian national exhibition in 1997
Confirming the title of the first exporter of plastic injection machines to American countries in 1998
Obtaining the first place among all machinery and equipment manufacturing (industry booth) in the 24th Tehran International Exhibition in 2017
Winning the first place in Tabriz rubber and plastic specialty exhibition in 2018
Confirming the title of the first manufacturer of plastic injection machine with ISO 9001 certificate in 1999
Among the most important reasons and characteristics of gaining credibility and recognition of the name of Aras Machine in the machine industry, the following can be mentioned:

More than 50 years of experience and manufacturing in the machine industry
Exclusive representative of HAITIAN and SHINI companies
The first and only manufacturer of plastic injection machines with ISO 9001 certificate from BVQI UK
The first plastic injection machine with 80% reduction in energy consumption
Production of plastic injection machines in different models from 60 to 15000 tons
Production of diecast machines
Production of pneumatic injection devices
Production of CNC milling and turning machines
Providing all accessories for plastic injection machines
Quality and elegance in design and construction
Extensive after-sales service with experienced staff and support anywhere in the world
The first exporter of plastic injection machines to the countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and America
15 years of after-sales service and real warranty for all car parts, including electronics, hydraulics and mechanics
Diversity in electronic systems and panels that can be installed on all types of plastic injection machines
Ease of using the machine and speed and simplicity in programming the device
Appearance beauty and suitable occupied space with minimum noise pollution and minimum energy consumption
This process of progress continues and will continue in the present and future.


"Your steady friend "Aras Machine